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April is Sjogren’s Awareness

The Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation has named April as “Sjogren’s Awareness Month”.

Many people aren’t aware of what Sjogren’s (pronounced “SHOW-grins”) syndrome is. Named after the Swedish physician, Dr. Henrik Sjogren, this chronic autoimmune disease causes white blood cells to attack and damage the moisture-producing glands in a person’s body. This damage can cause life-altering symptoms such as dry eye, dry mouth, joint pain, fatigue, and life-threatening complications such as improper functioning of the internal organs and a higher chance of developing non-hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Affecting as many as 4 million Americans, Sjogren’s is the second-most common autoimmune rheumatic disease and 3 times more common than Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis. Early diagnosis and treatment are important for preventing further complications. There are over 3 million Americans yet to be diagnosed and that is why the Bonner Eye Clinic supports the efforts of this foundation in helping bring awareness during the month of April.

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