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Diagnosed with Vision Loss? There’s a Kit to Help!

Over 21.2 million Americans have reported having vision problems and that number is increasing every year. Those experiencing vision loss for the first time typically feel overwhelmed and stressed by the diagnosis. With this growing problem in mind, VisionAware has introduced a helpful “Getting Started Kit” for those who have been recently diagnosed with vision loss.

The American Foundation for the Blind and Readers Digest Partners for Sight Foundation have partnered to launch This website is a free online resource for those faced with the decrease in their vision. The goal is to provide those who are losing vision with hope and help by providing resources they need. This Getting Started Kit is one of those helpful resources and can be found online at started in HTML and accessible PDF formats. The kit includes 10 “tip sheets” that can be downloaded and individually printed or saved to your computer. These “tip sheets” address practical approaches to everyday tasks such as reading, cooking, using computers and other technology, helping friends and family understand what they can do to help, and more.

In addition to these resources, the Bonner Eye Clinic staff and doctors are available to give support and advice to anyone having vision problems. If you are experiencing vision loss for the first time or just haven’t taken the steps to have an examination done, please give us a call so we can assist you with deciding the best course of action.

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