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Dry Eye Awareness and TearLab Technology

Do you suffer from dry eyes? While a lack of tear moisture can sometimes be the result of allergies, changes in weather, or even too much eye strain, these causes are often mistakenly blamed for dry eyes when the lack of tears is really an underlying eye disease.

Dry eye is very common. It is one of the most under-diagnosed eye diseases, mainly because people aren’t aware that it is a disease. They think that they dryness is due to outside conditions instead of the eye itself. Dry eye occurs when the eyes don’t produce the right amount or quality of tears–which is needed to protect the eye’s surface–and then this surface of the eye, or the tear film, becomes damaged.

Dry eye affects more women than men. It can be caused by aging and hormonal changes, and it can be affected or aggravated by other medical conditions.

At Bonner Eye Clinic, we see people coming in with dry eye often. As part of our promise to our patients to provide the very best of care, we are introducing new technology from TearLab to help those suffering from a wide range of dry eye, from the very beginning stages to the more advanced disease.

TearLab is a leader in the diagnosis and management of dry eye, and we are happy to offer our patients the TearLab testing and diagnostic system to help with identifying initial treatment options. This technology helps ophthalmologists determine the level of surface damage, which is the ultimate factor in the severity of dry eye.

Learn more about dry eye and Bonner’s treatment solutions here.

You can also read more about the advances that TearLab is making to help patients who are dealing with dry eye here.

We are excited to begin incorporating TearLab’s testing into our practice. If you think you suffer from dry eye, come see us and learn more about these new solutions.


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