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It’s Time for a Back to School Eye Exam at Bonner Eye Clinic!

Backpack? Check.
Pencils and pens? Check. 
Notebooks? Check.

Group of little girls and boys in front of blackboard

What about a back to school eye exam? Time to check it off your list of back to school to-dos for the kids! Even if your child’s vision seems to be fine, regular eye exams are important to note changes and ensure they have the best vision possible when heading back to the classroom.


Good eyesight is actually crucial for classroom success. Even a small change in vision can cause headaches, blurred vision and eye strain which is not only distracting but can impact learning ability and adjustment in school. Because eyes are also changing so rapidly as we grow, nearsightedness, farsightedness and numerous other vision problems are not uncommon and they can be easily corrected!


Regular exams, with the Doctors at Bonner Eye Clinic, not only allow for detection of these problems, but also conditions like lazy eye or strabismus. Make an annual eye exam part of your back to school routine and safeguard your child’s vision for years to come! Contact us to schedule an appointment for your child today! 


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