Does LASIK Wear Off? featured image

Does LASIK Wear Off?

In general, LASIK eye surgery is considered to be a permanent way to correct vision. Given that the procedure takes roughly 30 minutes total to…


January 18, 2021

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Is LASIK a Good Investment? featured image

Is LASIK a Good Investment?

LASIK is an investment in your vision. Based on patient experience, it’s also an experience that adds valued benefits and satisfaction to a person’s life.


January 4, 2021

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Can You Have LASIK if You Have Dry Eyes? featured image

Can You Have LASIK if You Have Dry Eyes?

The LASIK procedure may cause many patients to experience dry eye symptoms after their surgery. This is especially true if the patient experienced dry eyes…


December 18, 2020

LASIK Doctor featured image

LASIK Doctor

When it comes to eye care, the most trained and skilled professionals in the field are ophthalmologists. An ophthalmologist is a physician, either a doctor…


December 4, 2020

Your Eye Exam Could Save Your Life! featured image

Your Eye Exam Could Save Your Life!

Most Americans only visit the eye doctor when they notice changes in their vision. Not a bad plan, right? Although it’s always important to see…


August 6, 2020

What should I know about snow blindness? featured image

What should I know about snow blindness?

Are you going skiing this winter? Snowboarding? Or do you plan to miss the cold weather entirely and spend the winter months on a beach…


December 3, 2018

Five Eye-Healthy Thanksgiving Foods featured image

Five Eye-Healthy Thanksgiving Foods

If you’re looking to cook a healthy Thanksgiving meal, look no further. Below, Bonner Eye Clinic has outlined five foods – and over a dozen…


November 2, 2018

Avoiding Contact Lens Infections featured image

Avoiding Contact Lens Infections

An outbreak of a rare, potentially blinding eye infection has hit the UK. This infection, Acanthamoeba keratitis, tends to be linked to poor contact…


October 4, 2018

Are Computer Glasses Worth It? featured image

Are Computer Glasses Worth It?

Over the last couple of years, you may have noticed an uptick in people talking about computer glasses, or eyeglasses that are designed to filter…


September 10, 2018

Are Laser Pointers Dangerous? featured image

Are Laser Pointers Dangerous?

August marks Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, an awareness month that encourages people to pay special attention to childhood eye illness and injury.


August 1, 2018