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Clear Eyesight is Worth the Investment

Most people invest in services, products and procedures to make their lives easier and happier. Many of our LASIK patients at Bonner Eye Clinic have said that investing in LASIK has truly been one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. In fact, most wish they had done it sooner!  

Think about this: if you wear glasses and/or contact lenses, you’re already investing in your vision. These ongoing expenses definitely add up – and they won’t go away. In fact, it’s not uncommon to spend:

  • $250/year on contact lenses
  • $360/year on glasses
  • $200/year on cleaning solutions

Over a 10-year period, you could spend over $8,000 on these items and still have blurry vision! Compared to the one-time cost of LASIK, investing in your vision with LASIK truly makes sense. At Bonner Eye Clinic blade-free, custom LASIK is very competitively priced. This price includes the surgery, follow-up appointments for one year and lifetime enhancements (if no financing or special offer is used).

0% Interest Financing for LASIK

LASIK is not typically covered by insurance because it is considered an elective procedure. However, financing can make this procedure very affordable.

Bonner Eye Clinic accepts CareCredit® financing for LASIK vision correction. If you qualify, this is an incredible opportunity to have LASIK with no money down and spread your interest-free payments out over time.

  • Up to 18-months interest-free financing                    
  • No up-front costs
  • Low monthly payments
  • No pre-payment penalties
CareCredit Apply Now

We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, money orders and cash for LASIK.

Free Lifetime Vision Policy ($295.00 value)

We are offering our lifetime vision policy, free of charge, with our LASIK procedure. This means that in the unlikely event you should require additional treatment to maintain your LASIK results, we will provide the treatment at no charge. Conditions apply.

We’d Love to Tell You More About LASIK Financing

We invite you to schedule a free LASIK screening today to confirm your candidacy, answer your questions about financing and show you why so many people trust our team to enhance their vision.

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