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GRAND RAPIDS // (218) 326-3433

HIBBING // (218) 262-3156

Meticulous Eye Care in a Compassionate Atmosphere

Dr. Mariano has an incredible track record of success with his LASIK patients in Grand Rapids and Hibbing. In fact, 96% of Dr. Mariano’s LASIK patients achieve 20/20 vision – or better.* We attribute his success to several reasons:

He places great importance on the LASIK screening process. Often, people who have bad results from LASIK were not good candidates for the procedure in the first place. Approximately 10% of patients wanting LASIK are identified as non-candidates by Dr. Mariano. This doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t have vision correction, but LASIK may not be the safest option. LASIK alternatives such as PRK may be discussed as a more viable option.

Dr. Mariano is continually learning. Never satisfied with the status quo, Dr. Mariano realizes that the specialty of vision correction is always evolving. If there is a new LASIK technology on the market, you can be certain that Dr. Mariano is already researching the effectiveness and implementing the safest and most effective options.

He’s with you during every step. Bonner Eye Clinic is not a LASIK center where you meet your doctor five minutes before your procedure. Dr. Mariano will be present during your initial consultation, your surgery day and your follow-up appointments to ensure that you are comfortable with the process, confident in his surgical abilities and happy with your results.

Dr. Mariano treats you like family. Our entire team realizes that having any type of vision procedure – especially an elective one – can be scary. Many of our employees and their family members have had LASIK with us so we know the apprehensions and can help you through the process. Most importantly, we know the great results!

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We’d Love to Tell You More About LASIK

We invite you to schedule a free LASIK screening today to confirm your candidacy, get your questions answered and show you why so many people trust our team to enhance their vision.

*20/20 vision results are not guaranteed.

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