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Common Questions About LASIK

Does LASIK hurt?

This is one of the most common concerns about LASIK at Bonner Eye Clinic– especially since you remain awake during the procedure. Most of our patients do not describe LASIK as painful because we apply numbing eye drops into your eyes to block pain sensations. The procedure is so quick, you may not even have time to worry about pain!

What happens during the LASIK screening?

First you will meet with our LASIK counselor who will perform a few tests to see if you are a candidate for the procedure. If so, you will be scheduled with Dr. Mariano for a full LASIK consultation. Dr. Mariano will delve deeper into your eye health to ensure LASIK will be a safe and viable procedure for you. Expect to spend 45 minutes with us for the screening appointment.

If I’m not a candidate for LASIK, are there other vision correction options?

Yes. PRK is a type of refractive surgery that corrects for low degrees of myopia and astigmatism. If you have thin corneas, PRK might be a better vision correction alternative.

How is PRK different from LASIK?

Just like in LASIK, an excimer laser is used to reshape the cornea so light entering the eye can focus on the retina. The difference between LASIK and PRK is that a corneal flap is not created during PRK. Instead, a thin layer of corneal tissue is removed during PRK. Healing time takes longer with PRK to allow for regrowth of the corneal tissue. There may be more discomfort during the healing process than with LASIK. Improved vision is not noticeable for approximately one to two weeks.

Is LASIK done on both eyes on the same day?

Yes, LASIK can be performed on both eyes during the same appointment. This is called bilateral LASIK. Some patients choose to have LASIK on just one eye at a time.

Will I be asleep during the procedure?

LASIK and PRK are both performed under a local, topical anesthetic so you will remain awake. If you are feeling especially anxious, we can give you a light sedative to help you relax.

How much does LASIK and PRK cost?

The cost of these laser procedures vary, depending on the procedure performed. Bonner Eye Clinic accepts LASIK financing through CareCredit to make these procedures accessible for most budgets.

What are the risks of LASIK and PRK?

Complications of LASIK and PRK occur in only about 5% of patients. Risks can include:

  • Infection
  • Light sensitivity
  • Halos, glare and starbursts (usually correctible with touch-up treatment)
  • Under-correction or over-correction
  • Irregular astigmatism – this occurs if the cornea heals in a wavy configuration
  • Regression
  • Corneal haze (for PRK)
How old do you have to be to have LASIK or PRK?

We typically recommend that patients are over age 18 for LASIK or PRK. In addition to having healthy eyes and the proper corneal thickness, it’s important that your eyeglass prescription has been stable for at least one year and that your eyes have reached maturity.

We’d Love to Tell You More About LASIK in Grand Rapids and Hibbing

We invite you to schedule a free LASIK screening today to confirm your candidacy, get your questions answered and show you why so many people trust our team to enhance their vision.

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